Have you ever wanted to help people in need, but did not have enough money to give like you wanted too? Well, that is where I was a few years ago.
Grizzly Mountain Resort is being built to do what most people are not able to do, and that is to help feed starving Children and help the Homeless.
If you would like to know how Grizzly Mountain got started, then click on the link to download the story in PDF format.
A Theme Park / Water Park Resort
              unlike any other!
Rev. Joseph Marcum
Founder & CEO
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Rev. Dwaine Martin
Vice President and CFO
Charleen Martin
Corporate Secretary
Jeff Fleming
Board member & CEO of Amazing Hospitality Group -- Portland Oregon
Bishop Coy Nix
Rev. William Kriess
Melissa Marcum Chairman of the Grizzly Mountain Foundation
Master Chefs
Keith and Kenneth Darling
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